Welcome to Training Revelations—the result of combining my passion for physical fitness and my ability to work effectively with clients. Together, we can overcome fitness challenges and meet the goals you want to achieve. My primary goal is to help clients take control of their lives in ways that will translate into better physical and mental health—the way they look, the way they feel, and the way they function. My invitation to you is this: If you want to take better care of yourself or feel your current efforts are not progressing the way you think they should, come and see how I can help. I am skilled at assessing a person’s training needs, mapping a program that is unique to his or her goals, and assisting one-on-one to achieve success. I also ensure that all exercises and routines are done with proper form to minimize the possibility of injury.

• The time we spend together will be private and attentive—no distractions, no one to hold you back, no one to please except yourself.

• I will push you to do better, to work harder, in a sustainable and intelligent manner.

• We work together in a safe space—no judging, no bullying.

• This is a business where everyone is welcome, no exceptions.

Training Revelations–this is my journey. Are you ready for yours?

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